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Unique Christmas Gifts for Lesbian Lovers and Poets

First, Christmas gifts for lesbians, lovers and poets, are pretty much like anyone’s gifts, i.e., they could be empty notebooks for writers, CDs for jazz enthusiasts, a horse statue for riders, etc.

But, because you are here, I assume you are looking for something that hints to say, “I know you are a lesbian, and that’s great!”  So here are a few of my favorite choices.

A Gift for the Poet

Rarely have we been gifted with a glorious new presentation of virtually unseen poems from a master poet.  Such a gift is “The Gorgeous Nothings: Envelope Poems”.

The poet is Emily Dickinson.

The poems are … well, by Emily Dickinson.  What more need I say?  They are insightful, entertaining, and gloriously ingenious.  They are pure Emily.

The presentation is simply spectacular.

These are poems that Emily wrote on all kinds of slips of paper — envelope flaps, borders from stationery, scraps of paper from hither and yon.  The visual acuity in seeing the concepts come alive in real shapes is an experience in itself.  This is a whole new perspective to Emily, and one well worth pursuing.  And as a Christmas gift, it is incomparable.

Tender Buttons – A Lesbian Love Duet

And if one glorious new lesbian poetry book isn’t enough, the year 2013 brought us a second:  an illustrated version that cavorts with delight through all sorts of objects d’art.

“Tender Buttons” is Gertrude Stein’s collection of tongue scampering, mental gymnastic poems about all kinds of ordinary things.

Pair these outrageous gymnastics with an equally avant garde illustrator, and well, the result is pure magic.  That is what the illustrator Lisa Congdon has done, and very whimsically so, I might add.

Not only has this edition captured the critics, but it is also a solid five star choice of readers, no small accomplishment for Gertrude Stein.  Whether Stein is your favorite poet or not, this is likely to become one of your favorite illustrated books.

The New Jeanette Winterson Presentation

Once in a lifetime a poet/ writer/ visionary steps forward to bring us to worlds and emotions we never knew existed.

We are so blessed to have Jeanette Winterson in our generation.

“The Daylight Gate” is based in Shakespearean England, and focuses on the witch trials of that period.  Winterson weaves her magic of reality and fantasy, love and fear, clarity and illusion, and puts them into a stunning array of strong character presentations.

Winterson is without question the most acclaimed lesbian author of modern times.  While any of her books make excellent gifts — they never go out of style — this one was just published in October 2013 and deserves our special attention.

Get it.  Read it yourself.  Then give it as a gift.

A Christmas Gift for The Spiritual Woman

"My Heart Opens" by Judith Shaw

“My Heart Opens” by Judith Shaw
Original Oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″
See more beautiful works by Judith Shaw by clicking on the image.

Not all women are Christian, but many are spiritual.

For the spiritual woman, consider a breath taking work of art by Judith Shaw.  Shaw works with a number of different palettes and themes, but they all touch upon the spirituality of life.

The image shown, “My Heart Opens” is one of my personal favorites.  The gentle shadings of tangerine and yellow and lavenders so exquisitely complement each other.

Judith Shaw often depicts female images, and they are beautiful, from Beauty and the Beast to Aphrodite.  And do look too at her Tree of Life, and at the sensuous flora that she presents.

It would be difficult to not discover your favorite image among the stunning choices.  Click on the image at the left to go to her website.

Inspiration All Year Long

The We’Moon calendar is so much more than a calendar.

It is inspiration, on a daily basis.

It is women stepping forward and conquering the world, helping each other, and bringing joy to the world.

The calendar has no religious leaning, but it is spiritually inclined.

There are slews of moon charts and astrological information for those who are interested.

And it is absolutely stuffed full of outstanding images and writings for women of all ages, at all stages of life.

It is a true work of art unto itself.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for lesbians, for any woman reaching for her true identity and strength, and for younger women stepping out into the world on their own.

Sensual Soft Sculpture

Soft sculpture by Patty Duggan - Wistful

“Wistful” – Soft sculpture by Patty Duggan
30″ x 40″

Patty Duggan has several pieces  that I especially like, but this one is my favorite.  The gentle, sensual lines and soft colors just draw you into another world, a world of love and caring. The wistful young woman is most certainly dreaming lovely thoughts.

This particular piece makes a great Christmas gift because the colors and style blend so well with so many home decor themes.  This would look equally beautiful in a bedroom, in a living room, or on a stairway wall.

I almost didn’t put it in this list, because I don’t want anyone else to buy it — I want it.  But I have another of piece of Patty’s, so I suppose I should share her with others.

Each piece that Patty creates is an original.  Her fabrics are ones that she has gathered through her years of artistic work.  Each piece uses unique fabrics and styling.

Patty has worked on costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and for local theatre groups, as well as created her own soft sculptures.  See the artists page for contact information for Patty Duggan.

A Lesbian Love Story Par Excellance

This is one of the most critically acclaimed lesbian themed movies of the past several years, and justifiably so.  It opens with a sexy love scene between a man and a woman, but don’t let that fool you.  It is a vibrant story of two young women who fall desperately in love.

The film is Swedish, with subtitles, but much of the film doesn’t rely on the subtitles, rather on music and quiet dialog.  The love scenes and the underwater scenes are so authentic without any dialog at all that the viewer is truly swept away in the romance of it all.

While you can rent the movie, it is so good that you will likely want to watch it several times, so do buy the DVD itself as a Christmas gift.  Then keep it in your film library for a cold winter’s eve that just needs a bit of romance.

Over The Hill Lesbians?  Not A Chance!

Olympia Dukakis is simply great!  There’s no rocking chair for this lady, nor for her companion.  They leave a nursing home and head out into the wild world all on their own.

The best description?  “Thelma and Louise” on steriods.

Dukakis is no stranger to playing sexually challenging roles.  I recall her performance a few years back in the TV mini-series “Tales of the City”, based on the writings of Armistead Maupin, and she was amazing.  Well, she is just as amazing here.

This movie may be cast with older actors, but it is a story for all ages.  Grab a glass of wine, and enjoy!  Many parts of the country never had an opportunity to see these splendid performances, so this makes a great Christmas gift.


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  1. Sarah Whitworth December 7, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    I ordered the Dickinson book, it’s out of stock or not yet stocked at Amazon, but I told them to send as soon as they have it available, can’t wait to see it. Thanks so much for the alert. I have the three volume collection of ED’s poems, ed. by R.W. Franklin, and it does give many sources like envelopes, etc., but maybe not all of them and it does not include pics, so that is going to be lots of fun to see! Wow!

  2. LavenderPoet December 8, 2013 at 4:06 am #

    Oh no. I’ve decided to place an order through my little local bookstore. The roads were closed today due to a snow storm, but I have it my agenda for early next week. I do hope the publisher has some more in stock! Yes, the joy of this edition is that they are photos, with Emily’s actual handwriting, edits and all. I am so anxious to read it.


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    […] First, an astonishing new publication has emerged, one hat shows some of Dickinson’s poems in her own handwriting.  But I will write a whole new post on that … just as soon as I can get my hands on a copy of it.  If you would like to order it, see the Gift page. […]

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