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Lavender Poems – Artists

Soft Sculpture by Duggan

Soft Sculpture by Patty Duggan
58″ x 31″

Dear Artist,

You no doubt noted rather rapidly that the art on this site is mostly pretty old. I did that for a reason, because I am an affiliate of ART.com, and most of their art is pretty old, especially the art pertaining to lesbians. (Being an “affiliate” means that I earn a commission every time someone buys a piece of art and has linked to art.com from this website.)

I really do have a dream for this site. That dream is that the art might reflect modern lesbian creativity. I know that HUGE amounts of creativity from fascinating lesbians is out there. But I need to learn about you. So here’s the deal:

First, take a look at the site. See what kinds of topics I talk about.

Then decide if your art might fit into it. It could be almost anything. It need not be art showing lesbians. But it should be creative and it should fit into the feeling this site.

If your art is a “fit”, and you would like me to feature a piece or two, please contact me via the contact button up above. Tell me

  • What you would like to show here
  • What website you have
  • Your name, and contact information


  • link to your personal website
  • blog about your work
  • Twitter about it
  • and even Pin It

… all at no charge to you at all.  And if someone contacts you as a result of being featured here, it would be nice if I got a commission. But I will never, ever look at your books or demand a payment. I might stop featuring your work, but I will never harass you. It would also be nice if you linked from your website to this one, but I don’t even demand that.

Let’s see what we can do so we both prosper. I am anxious to see what you have. Incidentally, I will need the images in digital format as I cannot get good images from a poster or printer printout.

With love,

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