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Catch The Quantum Leap Year At We’Moon

Image of blue goddess for We'Moon call for contributions

Struggling with Anger
© Robyn Waters 1999

Please note that the deadline is July 15, 2014! 
This is earlier than prior years and is designed to give
as many women as possible a chance to participate in
the “Weaving Circles”, the selection process.


Click here for submission guidelines and forms

The call is out.  Feminist writers, poets and artists, all who rejoice in the glorious feminine nature of the world, all who work for a better world for all — the call has gone out for contributions to the 2016 We’Moon calendar.

It isn’t any old leap year at We’Moon — it is a QUANTUM LEAP YEAR, one filled with dynamic changes, both huge and infinitesimal.  From the call comes this explanation of “quantum leap”

This year’s theme “Quantum Leap Year,” flirts with an oxymoron: in the vernacular, a quantum leap is generally understood as a huge reality shift; in the infinitesimal realm of quantum mechanics, a quantum change is an extremely tiny behavioral “leap” from one energy state to another.

What is it that has shaped your world?  your world within arm’s reach, and your world reaching through the galaxy?

Now is the time to scour through your writings, your poems, your drawings, your sculpture and discover anew the incredible work you have done.  We’Moon is looking for you.

If you have not yet seen a We’Moon calendar, do get one.  The date doesn’t matter, honest.  The inspiration, the joy, the wonder is timeless.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do contact the women at We’Moon.  They are some of the most wonderful women on the planet, and will very patiently and kindly respond to any questions you might have.  Or jot your note below, and I’ll see what I can find out for you.


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