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Musings about love, life and meanings, from places and events of a lesbian poet.

Cover for "In Each Darkenss"

A Love Poem For Old Lesbians

Once in a while I feel inspired to write a little love poem , and that indeed happened when I read Cynthia Rucryst’s charming love story in her book “In Each Darkness”. The Women’s Movement of the late 20th century is one of those landmark times in herstory, a time when women stepped forward to […]

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Image of We'Moon Calendar 2014

We’Moon 2014 – The Inspired Calendar For Women

Every year I search for an inspired calendar/ datebook, one for women, one with poetry and stunning images.  One that makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  (Note:  If you would like your art or writing to be considered for the 2016 We’Moon Calendar, check out the announcement here.) How in heaven’s name […]

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Soft sculpture by Patty Duggan - Wistful

Romantic Lesbian Poem – Tatted Treasure

I finally got to read a few of my own romantic lesbian poems to a group of friends. Sharing one’s own work is always a dilemma, so I finally opted for one of my personal favorites. I chose a simple love poem. I don’t know where the idea for this poem even came from — […]

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Wood sculpture

Love Poem Sent to We’Moon

Well, I actually did it.  I submitted not one, but four — yes, four — love poems to the We’Moon calendar project for 2015.  I have never submitted anything so much as a line of writing to any contest, so this one got my tummy bubbling.  Actually, I did a lot of speech-ifying in high […]

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