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Lavender Poems – FAQs

First, thank you for stopping by. Should you wish to contact me directly, click on the CONTACT button on the top navigation bar for Lavender Poems.com .

Here are some of the questions that I get asked most often. If you have others, don’t hesitate to ask them.

Aphrodite Dancing painting

“Aphrodite Dancing” by Judith Shaw. The Goddess of Love dances for her delight, and yours. Original oil on canvas, 72″x32″. See more of Judith Shaw’s original art by clicking the image above.

How Do You Select Lesbian Poets/Poems?

Mostly, I pick ones that I like. Or ones that are just interesting.  I personally find it interesting to look at the lives and loves of poets from other ages, before the word “lesbian” was even coined.  But sometimes I look at more modern writers too.

If I Give You Permission, Will You Print Some of My Poems?

Honestly, probably not.  There are other websites that do publish single poems from new writers, so your best bet is to contact them.  I am more likely to feature poets that I know personally rather than strangers — I am more confident of authorship that way.  However, I may be able to review your book of published poems, or provide a snippet for your cover– contact me directly for that.

But You Do Show Modern Artists Work?

Yes, I do. I do that two different ways. One way is as an affiliate of a site that sells art, such as Art.com . Another is to contact artists directly, and invite them to submit specific pieces of art.  Artists also sometimes contact me, and I enjoy those conversation.  Click here if you are an artist who might like to submit a piece or two for display on this site.

Do You Do Poetry Readings?

I enjoy reading my poetry, and I usually include a few poems from several different poets. If you have a book store, or a book club, or other interested group, do contact me and let’s see what we can work out.

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