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Ohmygoodness.  Here is a whole blank page, and I haven’t much to say about me.  I can write about Love.  I can write about poets.  And poems.  And trees.  And butterflies.

Photo of deer in Lithia Park

“My” little deer Chloe

But I just don’t have much to say about me.

Well, the basics.  I was born in California, grew up there, and spent most of my life there.  I made a detour to Africa for the Peace Corps, to Chicago for a couple of years, to Florida for a couple of years.  But mostly California.  Until I discovered southern Oregon.

I now live in what has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful areas in the whole world.  There are rivers and creeks and forests.  And the friendliest people I have ever known.

I truly love going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, absolutely a world class theatre event.  OSF presents a dozen or so plays every year, each one more fabulous than the others.  They do Shakespeare, of course, but also contemporary plays, and many world premiers.  I talk about these in “Musings” from time to time.

Drawing of MaryAnn

Well, this is sort of me

My back yard looks out on a little glen surrounded by trees, with a creek crackling nearby.  I love sitting on my patio and writing.  My patio and Lithia Park are probably my two favorite writing spots.  The picture up above is of Chloe, my own little deer in Lithia Park.  She met me soon after I arrived here, and has checked in with me every year since.  I do adore her.

I hope we have a chance to meet one day.  Perhaps I can introduce you to Chloe.

With love,

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