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Love Poem Sent to We’Moon

Well, I actually did it.  I submitted not one, but four — yes, four — love poems to the We’Moon calendar project for 2015.  I have never submitted anything so much as a line of writing to any contest, so this one got my tummy bubbling.  Actually, I did a lot of speech-ifying in high school and college, and I figured that this couldn’t be all that much different.

Wood sculpture

“My Big Mouth” by Lo Smucker
Wood and findings 14″ x 16″

So I am using this love poetry submission as a practice run, just to see how I survive.  I don’t expect to have a poem selected, but I hope the comments aren’t too harsh.

The We’Moon publications are not strictly lesbian oriented, rather independent, strong women oriented.  The power in their images and writings is truly impressive.

The theme for 2015 has to do with the Devil, the Trickster, and the main image is the Devil playing  cards.  So I selected a poem having to do with card playing.  When I began looking through my notebooks, I was actually surprised how often I reference card playing.  And I don’t even play cards often.

One of the poems I picked is this fun little ditty, nothing serious.  Here it is:

the trump card

do you giggle?


do you giggle?

you’re not listening
while i meditate
she doesn’t hesitate
to go skiing or kayaking

she hikes in strides
that challenge imagination;
i limp along and sniff
lilies with fascination

she’s tall and slender
and quite beautiful;
and i’m …. well, not

but do you giggle?
you see, a giggle
trumps everything

Yep.  No matter how short and “unbeautiful” I am, I can still giggle.  And I do.  You too?  Good.

I would love to hear what you giggle about.  Do jot a note at the bottom of this page if you have a moment or two, and share a bit of a giggle with us.

There is a new submission process each year for the We’Moon calendars.  I was recently a part of the Weaving Circle that helped select the images and writings for the 2015 calendar, and I must say it was a humbling experience.  The quality of work that is submitted is simply outstanding, and the calendars that are created are truly works of art in their own right.

Seeing the quality of work submitted, I don’t in the least expect to have a poem selected.  But you may have one in your back pocket that is just right.  Keep an eye out for submissions for next year.

Here’s another one that I submitted, also on the theme of card playing.

ante up

this ain’t no game of
tiddle de winks
ya know
i’m bargaining for

so wha d’ya want?
my heart? yours!
my body? yours!
my dreams? my devotion?
yours! yours!
always yours

I was so contented
before I met you
then you catapulted
into my heart
slam dunks – home runs – crowds cheering
there’s no slinking away now
no deal
come. sit.
i’ll put everything i’ve got on the table

ante up

I do enjoy picking up on a poetic theme that touches all lesbian lovers, and I don’t in the least bit doubt that we have all put everything on the table at one point or another.  And would I do it again?  in a New York minute.

2 Responses to Love Poem Sent to We’Moon

  1. Susan December 20, 2013 at 3:41 am #

    I wandered over to your site via an e-mail from Tangren’s list (women’s spirit gatherings), I enjoyed the walk. You might like my site as well. I was also a We’Moon virgin this year, what an amazing adventure that was/is. Congratulations for putting yourself out there, takes more than a wee bit of courage to do so, but from the looks of your blog, it appears you’re already there. I was at the Weaving circle at Tangren’s but not feeling real well so my memories of the day are a bit fuzzy. I enjoyed reading “ante up.” It heard it as a conversation about and to myself, a re-rendering of my approach toward life, “everything in.” I was speaking to a friend this afternoon and said, “I’ve one hand to play, my chips are ‘all in,’ and I’m not leaving the table until the last card is turned over.” I like it, “ante up.” I heard it as a challenge, and a promise. Well said. Blessings on your We’Moon entries.

    • LavenderPoet December 20, 2013 at 4:54 am #

      Susan, thank you so much for your very kind comments. Yes, we do “ante up” in Life, don’t we. Truthfully, it is very unlikely that my poem will get chosen for the calendar. A poem needs a piece of art to go with it, and I didn’t see any artwork that would pair with any of my love poems. Not to mention that the poetry must be quite excellent, which mine isn’t yet. Well, perhaps next year.

      And I do like your website very much. Look for an email from me about featuring your artwork on this site — you have some very lovely pieces. I’ve been trying my hand at a bit of art lately, and I can assure you that I am no artist.

      I hope to see you at the Weaving Circle next year. It was such a splendid gathering of women.

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