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Romantic Lesbian Poem – Tatted Treasure

I finally got to read a few of my own romantic lesbian poems to a group of friends. Sharing one’s own work is always a dilemma, so I finally opted for one of my personal favorites.

Soft sculpture by Patty Duggan - Wistful

“Wistful” – Soft sculpture
by Patty Duggan
30″ x 40″

I chose a simple love poem. I don’t know where the idea for this poem even came from — one day it was just there, sitting in my notebook. It felt like the Shoemaker’s Elves had traded in making shoes for writing poetry. A couple of weeks ago I met a composer who told me that he had the same experience, that his concertos simply appeared when he sat down at the piano. He said he understood completely the feeling of awe, and confusion, that I sometimes get when I write, for he gets the same feeling when he composes.

I know this all sounds quite weird, but it doesn’t happen all the time. Just once in a while. And this is one of those romantic love poems that seemed to just appear in my notebook.

…  ..tatted treasure

…..the lace patterns
…..kiss your breasts
………your waist
…..and wind around
……your gentle hips
..calling upon artisans
…….from centuries
………long ago
…….passed from
mother to daughter
………to sister
………to lover
……..all tatting
.creating ribbons of fantasy
……as beautiful
……….as you

I personally feel a strong connection with my grandmothers, and their grandmothers, whether I knew them or not. Whatever it is that I may know, whatever it is that I may be, I have my grandmothers to thank. The angel that sits on my shoulder could very well be one of my grandmothers, and for that I am so immensely grateful.

I like this little romantic poem too because it honors the beauty of the past, and the beauty of the present. The woman who comes to mind when I read this poem is indeed very lovely, very gentle. The lace that wraps around her would become even more beautiful because it is there.

And tatting is such an ancient art, one that is truly passed from generation to generation. I am hoping to make a journey to a few of the Greek islands next spring and meet with a one or two of the artists who keep this treasure alive. I want to thank them for the gift of their talent.

If you perchance are a poet, a writer, an artist, a composer, or creator of any sort, I would love to hear about your creative process. Do jot a note below and share with us where your inspirations come from, and how you create.

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