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Sausalito Sunrise – Lesbian Love Poems Unseen

Oh dear.  I’ve been pondering putting together some of my lesbian love poems into a little book to be titled “Sausalito Sunrise” and I am stumped.  I honestly don’t think they are very good, but they are certainly better than I thought they would be when I began writing a few months ago.  I think I need to find a group of nice women to review them and give me an honest opinion.

I thought I had found the perfect group:  a group of women poets, none of whom know me well at all, and most of whom are lesbians.  Many of these women are affiliated with the We’Moon project .  This is simply an astounding group of women who publish calendars and datebooks each year based on the concept of empowering women.  Each year they choose a different topic, and publish the contributions from dozens of incredibly talented women.  The whole selection and publication process takes about two years, and I am just now submitting a couple of poems for consideration for the 2015 calendar.  (And, yes there is still time if you would like to contribute.)

I got inspired when I got a copy of their 30th anniversary anthology, In the Spirit of We’Moon, which you see at the right.  It is simply an astounding collection of art and writings from dozens and dozens of very gifted poets, artists and writers.

Here is one of the shorter poems that I like:

Silver Strands

The moon is my ally
she slips under my covers
and into my bed at night
weaving her silver strands of wisdom
into my hair

(c) Barbara J. Rainbeck 1997

and from DV Trimmer:

You are one of the miracles of creation.
Address yourself with respect and wonder.

There are about 250 pages of this magic, each page more captivating than the one before.

Some of these women (and probably others) meet every few weeks and listen and/or critique each other’s poetry.  When one reads, the reader can ask for critiques, for applause, for comments, or for whatever else she feels is needed, even silence.  I had wanted to ask for short comments, perhaps one or two words even.  I wanted to discover if my lesbian love poems  brought comments of “fascinating” or “infantile”.  Since these women don’t know me, I was hoping they could be honest.

Sadly, there are wild fires all over the countryside here, and many of the women are concerned about having to vacate their homes.  They tell me the smoke is very thick just a bit north of here too.  So the meeting got cancelled entirely.  It makes me feel very insignificant with my little concerns about critiquing my poems.  People’s homes and lives are indeed so much more important than a few scribbles.  And, yes, the wild forests that surround this area, with all the creatures and wild growth, are far more important too.

I do wish everyone well in the area of the fires.  My heart goes out to the deer and owls and raccoons, skunks, butterflies, and all the other creatures of the forests, and to the forest too.

I do still look forward to meeting these poets one day.  Perhaps in a month or two I will be able to meet them.


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