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Sausalito Sunrise – Poems for Lesbians and Other Lovers

Snippets of text from Sausalito Sunrise: Poems for Lesbians and Other Lovers

I wanted a special kind of lesbian love poem. I wanted poems that weren’t pornographic, yet still captured the joy and beauty of romance. I wanted poems with

… the memories
… the fantasies
… the hopes and dreams          … all of it.

A muse came and sat on my shoulder, and so we began.

I wrote these poems to whisper to a lover, perhaps as she is nestled in your arms, or you in hers. If you kiss and cuddle and giggle your way through them, my muse and I will be quite pleased.

Sausalito Sunrise
Here is where you will discover romantic poems:

our love is
a labyrinth
turning and twisting
through mystical moments

sensual poems:

it was a small ruby
that sent the invitation
this wise little gem
had settled in the perfect spot
nestled gently
between your breasts

so i replied

funny little love poems:

i sniffled
and you rushed to my side
with poultices and potions
you pouffed my pillow
and powdered my feet

and some that are … well, sexy:

you are my fantasy

with the arched back
taut thighs
and castanets undulating overhead

And they are all about the flavors of LOVE.

  • Simple Love.
  • New Love.
  • Divine Love.

Over 80 love poems just for you.

To Order Sausalito Sunrise

Cover for Sausalito Sunrise: Poems for Lesbians and Other LoversTo ORDER it right now, just click on the book cover to your left. You will go straight to Amazon.com where you can get a print version (about US$ 17.99) or a Kindle version (US$ 5.99).

I recommend the soft bound edition.  The Kindle edition formats the poems differently, omitting some of the style that makes a poem a poem.  But if you are on the road, or like to read the Kindle in bed, then that edition will be perfect for you.

One of the nicest compliments I got was when I went to a production at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival and sat next to an acquaintance, an artist.  I had just gotten the proof copies and was glancing through one.  She asked if she could see it, which of course she could.  When the play began, I held out my hand to retrieve the proof, and she protested, No!  She wanted to keep it.  I promised her a “real” one as soon as they came off the press, and so she relinquished the proof copy.

And another time a friend’s son-in-law read through a copy on the coffee table, and commented on how the poems were just as romantic for everyone as they were for lesbians.  Yes! thought I, Here is one romantic guy.

I would love to hear your reaction too.  Just jot a note at the bottom of this page.  Good, bad, or indifferent, your opinion is still valuable.

The Study Guide

If you are looking for the Study Guide for Sausalito Sunrise, please click here. You are welcome to use these for your book club or classroom, or just for talking with friends.

With love,
Lavender Poet

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