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We’Moon 2014 – The Inspired Calendar For Women

Every year I search for an inspired calendar/ datebook, one for women, one with poetry and stunning images.  One that makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  (Note:  If you would like your art or writing to be considered for the 2016 We’Moon Calendar, check out the announcement here.)

How in heaven’s name have I missed We’Moon for so long?  This is its 33rd year of publication, and I just cannot believe how astonishingly gorgeous it is.

Just look at the dynamic strength and commanding allure of the cover.  At the Unveiling Celebration this afternoon, one woman noted

Mmmmm.  I would really like to meet that cover girl. 

To which I replied, No, she would intimidate the heck out of me — I don’t want to MEET her, I want to BE her! 

Indeed, said my friend.  And aren’t we all HER when we look in the mirror? 

And she is right.

At the Unveiling Celebration today I enjoyed meeting a few of the writers and artists whose work appears in the 2014 We’Moon calendar.  While each of them spoke engagingly, Cinders Gott touched me most deeply.  She spoke of her project to create 365 traditional Goddesses, in all different formats.  She brought several for us to see, one in pottery, another in acrylics.  She spoke about how these ancient Goddesses were all represented with strong feminine curves, which contemporary viewers often call over weight.  But it is these curved, feminine bodies that were worshiped as the source of life, of love, of creation.  Cinders’ goal is to create a book with her 365 representations of the Goddess, one for each day of the year.  I don’t doubt at all that it will be a glorious work.

I actually received my copy of the We’Moon 2014 calendar when I worked as part of the “Weaving Circle” to select the writings and images for the 2015 calendar.  The Weaving Circles were held a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, they do begin well over a year ahead of time to create this date book.

At the Weaving Circles, each submission is reviewed by six to ten women, each whom ranks the individual entry.  Those rankings are tallied and the highest ranking entries go to the top of the piles.   The highest ranked submissions are not, however, necessarily the entries selected for the women’s calendar.  The way the We’Moon date book is designed, each writing (poetry or prose) is paired with an image or two, with the whole being set out in a double spread.  When the page is open, each double spread is truly a work of art unto itself.  So the entries must be (1) highly ranked, and (2) matched with another entry in order to be included.

The year 2014 begins with a short poem titled “Today”

Be prepared.
There is a lot more
of what never was
to come.

(c) Janine Canan 2012

It is paired with two stunning images, one of a night time “Moon Ring” (Jennifer Rain Crosby 2012), and one titled “Contemplating Life: Sedona” (Lisa O’Connor 2010) showing one person overlooking a breath taking landscape.

Page after page of great women’s poetry and images.  It is simply exquisite.  And, as if that weren’t enough, lots more is included, such as

  • Sun Signs and Sun Transits
  • MoonSigns and Moon Transits
  • Eclipses/Mercury Retrograde
  • Year of the Horse: 2014
  • Star map 2014
  • Astro Overview 2014
  • Juggling With Paradox
  • Astrology’s Elemental Weave
  • Dynamic Equilibrium
  • Astrological Tonics
  • Wheel of the Year: Holy Days
  • Introduction to the Holy Days
  • Goddess Planets
  • Asteroid Ephemeris
  • Planetary Ephemeris

… and even more.

This is THE ideal holiday/Christmas gift for every feminist, for every lesbian, for every woman on your list.  It is even great for young women emerging from their teens, looking to find their way into a woman’s world.




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